Bridal Hair

We all know that your wedding day is the most important day of any Bride’s life. Working in the wedding industry is such a pleasure and being at the morning part of the day is so special; seeing all the nerves, laughter and happy tears is always such an honour and some brides say it’s the best part of their day!

I always require brides to have a trial with me before their big day. It’s so that we all know what to expect, that I have bought everything I need for the preparation, and to get to know each other before the main event. There is NO room for error and I like to be fully prepared. I’m happy to style all members of the bridal party as well as the Bride. Whether that be mothers of the bride and groom, bridesmaids, maids of honour and flower girls. It’s totally up to you if they require a trial, as long as we’ve discussed it prior to the wedding day.

Weddings take place every day of the week nowadays and I can be available 7 days a week. I charge extra for early starts before 8am, Sunday bookings and travel exceeds a 1-hour commute.

For any bridal hair enquiries please get in contact with me as soon as you know the date as I get booked up some dates years in advance.

I recommend that you book your trial around 2 months before your special day as your hair length will be close to what you can achieve, your dress should be chosen and you would have thought about styles and accessories. Please do look for inspiration on the internet and bridal magazines but think PRACTICAL. It’s got to last all day, it’s got to be pretty 360 degrees. When I worked in session work you soon realise that a lot of these hair shoots show pretty hair at the front but it’s clipped up at the back with a croc-clip! Also you will be greeting people, dancing, sweating (sorry it’s true) so the hair style has got to have longevity and staying power. You might chose to wear a veil or fresh flowers or get them for your bridal party. Weather can be a big factor with your hair; wind is not good, if it’s too hot is not good, and rain is definitely to be avoided especially if you’re considering wearing your hair down. Photographers in the past have mentioned that it’s a lot easier if the bride’s hair isn’t loose around the brides face as it can ruin a lot of the shots if the hair is covering the eyes. I recommend that if you’re having ‘hair-up’ you should wash it the night before so it’s not too clean on the day and that it’s not going to be too soft and fly away. I also suggest that the bridal party wear tops which don’t need to be removed over the head as it may ruin your hair-do! Whether you have a wedding planner or you organise your day yourself, timings of the day are important to stick to – and allow plenty of time for you to get into your dress and have a little moment before the ceremony starts.

The Maximum amount of people I can physically style on my own is 5-6 depending on what they actually have done. I can, however, bring an assistant (or two) to help me if needed. I also work alongside some fantastic make-up artists and photographers if you need some recommendations.