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Racoon International Hair Extensions

There is a very bad image to the words “Hair Extensions” and Yes over the years I have seen some very bad hair extensions or bald patches caused by bad application or continuous use of clip in hair extensions. The quality of the hair that is available cheaper comes from a ‘black market’ where the hair is generally of poor quality and often stripped from the heads of women and children from poor and vulnerable communities, whereas Racoon suppliers can guarantee the hair has been ethically sourced.


Racoon International allows me to offer high end, good quality, glamorous hair extensions for all.

Racoon has been around for over 20 years and is No1 in the Hair Extension market. It’s the ONLY brand that has been endorsed by a leading trichologist Ian Sallis who says that, if applied correctly and maintained correctly by the client, Racoon extensions are completely safe on the natural hair. .

All extensions can be worn for a maximum of 3 months after which time the bonds need replacing. The racoon system can be rotated so bonds are being removed and replaced to keep a continuous look of gorgeous hair which, if looked after correctly, can be reused for up to a year which can keep the cost reasonable.

I insist on seeing each client for a one-to-one consultation so that we can colour match, price up, and undergo some simple hair and scalp tests to see if your expectations can be matched and which Racoon ‘system’ would suit you best.

I educate and practise 3 types of Racoon extensions:

Luxe Bonds
These bonds are made to measure. If your hair is fine I can create micro bonds to be almost invisible. Luxe bonds also allow me to colour-blend each bond so you get much more of a multi tonal look which you can’t always get with Pre bonded hair extensions. There are 21 shades available for me to play with, and lengths of 12-20 inches (30-50 cm) available. I can also offer deep-wave and soft-wave curly hair. The price depends on thickness of hair, length of consultation and application time etc.

Luxe wefts
Luxe wefts are more of a temporary extension. They are great for weddings and honeymoon trips or using them just in the sides to build up thickness – and they are really quick to apply. The wefts are bought in half packs or full packs and all start at 18”inches (46 cm)  long. There are 13 colours which I can work with and they can be reconditioned, re-taped, and reused up to 3 times. For Luxe Wefts, the average cost is £300 which would include shampoo, conditioner, brush, 1 application and cut & style.

Luxe links
Luxe links are our New “No Heat No Glue” aluminium bond. They are 2.5mm small and come in 6 different colour bonds. The hair comes preloaded on a polymer loop to make the application very fast. At the moment there is only 1 length available 18 inches (46 cm) and 13 shades. The hair is sold in packs of 25, and it’s 7 packs of hair for a full head on average. Again, the hair can be taken out and re-used for up to a year if maintained correctly. They are really easy to remove and replace which shortens the ‘technical time’ and keeps the overall cost down. The positive feedback of clients wearing these is really incredible!